How does car insurance work for Uber drivers

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As Uber continues to grow more and more people are starting to work for the company to fulfill their financial obligations. Some people work for the company on a part time and or full time level. It depends on their current lifestyle, if their single, have children, or in some cases trying to pay off a large amount of debt. Of course a potential employee would have to display great customer service skills, and communication skills especially because some trips can be long. The main requirement for all Uber drivers is of course the obvious appropriate age to drive, having perfect health, and have taken the correct driving test with a passing score. It is important for you to feel out your customers, and observe if the client is more introverted or extroverted. Some people may just want to get picked up, and be in silence as they had a rough day or some may be extremely talkative. When you are able to distinguish this and be able to adapt all your car rides can be pleasant and enjoyable. Uber is very unique as they offer vehicles to their employees that can be financed through special payment options or you can even use your own car to take clients around the town. Now that we have the car and qualifications down what about the most important aspect of all which is car insurance. As an employee of Uber most will ask the question of how does car insurance work for those who are employed by the company? Are the employees covered? Can they use their own personal car insurance? Do they have to use their own personal car insurance and how much is the insurance going to cost?

So lets explore the car insurance requirements. You start out making some extra money on the side, and are wondering about what happens if there is an accident. Who is responsible , and how will the damages get paid? It should be quite concerning especially in the event that there is more than one passenger on some trips. The ride sharing car service does not allow your personal auto insurance policy to cover you. You must follow the policy of the company that you are working for. The reason for this is because certain individual car insurance policies have specific lists of exclusions. One of the many exclusions that are incorporated into most insurance polices are a term called “driving-for-hire.” The correct question that should be asked when talking to your insurance policy representative is if commercial driving is included into this policy? If your policy does not include or offer commercial auto insurance then you can always purchase it separately. This type of insurance is called supplemental commercial auto insurance, and can be purchased from part time and full time drivers with Uber. However, if you have to buy your own separate supplemental car insurance then you should budget accordingly as it may be quite costly. It is recommended to always talk to your car insurance company to find out if they provide this level of service, if not what would be the necessary steps to take in order to be covered.

After you have squared away the supplemental portion of the commercial insurance then understanding the Uber app comes next. Regarding insurance uber has come up with a very unique feature called special coverage with Uber when the app is on. The purpose of this feature is when the Uber application is on during your trip you will have activated a certain type of insurance that is provided by the company. Rest assured that this feature is activated until your customer exists the vehicle, and the trip is over and paid for.

Now apart from passing all the requirements and obtaining all the necessary insurance to make sure you and your passengers are protected, making sure you have the right license is also key. Whatever state you are living in it is imperative that you find out if your particular state requires a separate license. You can have a personal license but may need a commercial license as well in order to drive and be hired at companies like Uber. Having a commercial license is separate and will cost a separate fee. When you check with your individual DMV office in your state you may be informed that you may only need to obtain a commercial license. However, check the prerequisites for this as it may require you to be a full-time employee. Another key component is not ending up in a situation where you have commercial auto insurance, and not a commercial drivers license. Make sure you have both that way you are covered at all times. So this sums up how car insurance works for employees of Uber. Make sure you are covered at all angles, research everything, inquire and ask questions, and drive safe.